I’ll be speaking at Unity Connect in Haarlem on Nov 17th

I’m excited to speak at the Unity Connect conference in Haarlem from November 16-18th. My session “Effective Client-side Coding Against Office 365” will be on November 17th. View the full agenda on https://www.unityconnect.com/2016/Agenda.
You can register with a 10% discount using the promotion code SPKKEVT10.

Effective Client-side Coding

My session abstract:
When creating solutions for Office 365 you will be using the client side SharePoint API’s. To be able to create significant or business critical solutions you have to ensure that you use the available resources that are available on the client and that you are allowed to use on the server as effectively as possible. During this session I will share tips and tricks about how to develop in the most efficient way against SharePoint Online (as well as on-prem) via the SharePoint API’s. The content of the session is based on experience from real life projects and solutions that have been implemented at enterprise customers. I’ll also briefly discuss how this can be incorporated into the new SharePoint Framework.

Some examples of the topics that will be covered are:
• Efficient querying via SharePoint API’s (e.g. CSOM)
• Handling SharePoint throttling and network outages
• Using the PnP Framework to achieve common tasks
• How to include the above in the SharePoint Framework